Monday, December 19, 2011

Ready for Christmas

I always get carried away when Christmas time comes. The decorating, baking, the singing of Christmas Carols and of course........The Presents!!!  I just need to start making a list every year and then I won't buy so much!  I got all the decorations up and it makes my home feel more like Christmas!

I had a lot of fun putting up the decorations.  And with a little help from my dear friend Marisa Smith, my home was turned into a magical Christmas wonderland! 

I wanted to start a new tradition to make Gingerbread houses, so we did one this year.  It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was messy and a lot of fun!  It only lasted a day since McKinley started picking off all the candy as soon as it was applied.  He had fun making it and we will definitely be doing it again next year.

We had our ward Christmas Party a couple of weeks ago and Santa came!  McKinley was so excited, he could hardly enjoy anything else that was going on.  He just kept saying, "Santa coming!!  Santa Clause is coming!"  I don't blame him.  Santa is pretty cool when it comes to getting candy canes!  This Santa that came was really good.  He wore a really nice Santa suite that was tide with a rope instead of a belt and it had a hood on it.  Very authentic!  And McKinley was lucky enough to see Santa when he first came in.  Santa came right up to him and patted his head and McKinley just stared at him with big, huge eyes of curiosity.   Santa then sat in his chair to talk to the kids and McKinley sat down still staring wide eyed at him.  When the kids were called up to see him, McKinley, again, got to see him first.  He went right up there on his own and sat on Santa's lap.  Santa gave him a nice bag of candy.  McKinley was so happy to get it, that he ran up to me to open it for him as soon as possible!  After that, he wouldn't stop talking about how he got to see Santa and the bag of candy!

Oh the joys of Christmas time!  I say this not because I have little ones, but the fact that this year, we decided to do our OWN Christmas with just us four.  It's fun to start our own traditions and make Christmas memories.  And it's also nice not being pulled in all four different directions!  I wanted this Christmas to be stress free and to have a nice, relaxing, Christmas Eve and Day.  If Christmas had a flavour, I would say it tastes like candy canes and toffee.  If Christmas was just a song, I would choose Silent night every time.  If Christmas was just one present, it would be the Saviour's love!  There's a wonderful picture that I stumbled upon while viewing my beloved Pinterest. The saying goes like this, "Santa is the servant, NOT the main event."  And it is so true.  We sometimes get wrapped up in all these Christmas traditions and SHOPPING, (guilty) but we must always remember the CHRIST in Christmas.  I hope we all have a Merry Christmas and to keep the Saviour in our Christmas's.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that photo of santa and Christ!
    Your house looks beautiful and cozy! Merry Christmas :)