Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introducing the Fernandez Family

Well hello everyone!  This is the first time we have ever posted our life on a Blog.  So I hope we can keep it as current as we can.  To start off, we are a family with two beautiful children and a tiny little cat/dog.  (You'll see why we refer her to a cat/dog later)  We live up in the North, Canada and couldn't be happier living here. (Well, the winter can be pretty brutal sometimes :-S)  No, Canada doesn't stay cold ALL year round.  NO, we don't all live in Igloos and NO, we don't all have to speak French right after we say something in English!  Now that we got that out of the way, here is the family:

Val (Valentin), The husband/father of the house:  Val is a Full time, hard working Account Manager at an Audio Visual Company and puts in a good effort every day.  Sometimes it even takes him out of town every now and again but it's totally worth it!  When Val isn't working, he's a loving father to two wonderful children and an amazing husband.  Val loves his kids soooooo much!  He would do anything for them :) Two of the things he always looks forward to are when he leaves in the morning and gets a great big hug from the toddler and a "I love you" and a kiss goodbye.  The other is when he comes home and gets a warm greeting by the family.  The toddler "Daddy home!" A great big smile from the baby and a kiss from his lovey wife!  (I know, I know, cheesy......but I love it!)  On Val's spare time, he loves to watch Hockey, The Calgary Flames to be exact (when they're doing good....) and playing video games.  Doesn't any guy??  Overall Val is an amazing father and a loving husband who would spend all his time and energy with his family.

Amy (Me) The wife and stay at home mom: Right now I am a stay at home mom full time and love it.  I get to spend my whole day with two out of three of my favourite people! (Obviously my hubby is the other) I love waking up to two happy children that can't wait to start their day and to be with me.  I know that being a stay at home mom isn't always easy and is very challenging at times, e.g. both kids crying at the same time, potty training, sleep schedules, illness, teething, grocery shopping with kids, constantly entertaining the kids with activities and watching Dora The Explorer for the 100th time....I could go on, but I still love them.  I love being there to watch the new stages they go through and getting the hugs and the "I'm sorry's" are just a mother's joy and reward!  When I do find spare time (which is rare at times) I like to scrapbook, view Pinterest (freaking AWESOME website which is my new hobby now) and working out at the gym.  I am working on trying to get my Bachelor of Arts in Dance and am applying for the Fall semester.  I just have to get accepted and make it through the dance auditions in March 2012 and I am off to working on that degree. (Wish me Luck!)  I love my family so much.  I wouldn't trade it for anything else.  They are my greatest accomplishment!

McKinley, The toddler and oldest: McKinley is 2 1/2 years old.  He is one thriving boy.  Just recently has been potty trained and was that ever an adventure.  (For him, not me...) McKinley loves to be the constant centre of attention.  That didn't go over so well with him when his thunder was stolen a bit by his little sister.  Shall we just say, the terrible two's began the day she got home. Ugh! If he's not pulling books off the shelf in the family room, he's in the bathroom dumping water on the floor or flushing all the toilet paper down the "potty."  And if that's not enough, you can find him digging through the fridge grabbing food out and taking two bites, just to end up putting it back in!  I've found many apples bit into or mini yogurts ripped open and put back.  Besides making messes, McKinley loves anything about Spider Man these days.  Spider man pj's, spider man toys, spider man bubble bath, toothbrush, toys, balls, stickers, games and guessed it, he's going to be Spider Man for Halloween with a spider man trick or treat bucket.  If his costume is anywhere in sight, he demands to have it be put on and wears it around every where!  McKinley also LOVES being outside.  He loves walks, parks, playgrounds and our backyard.  You mention anything about going outside, his shoes and jacket are on in three seconds!  He's favourite thing right now is all the leaves that are on the ground right now.  Grabs them and throws them in the air.  I think he loves fall just as much as me.  McKinley also loves his little sister.  At first he didn't know what to make of her but now they are best friends.  He loves helping with changing diapers and letting me know when she's wake from her naps. He's such a good big brother and a happy little boy!

Gabriella, The new addition: Gabriella is seven months old and is such a joy to our family.  She just sprouted a tooth and more are coming!  She smiles, laughs, sits up on her own and grabs at anything that's in front of her.  Let's just say, don't have her on your lap during mealtime or your plate will end up on the floor!  Gabriella has lately been showing signs of wanting to crawl.  She gets herself into crawling position and rocks back and forth for a bit before going back down on her belly.  Any day now and she'll be mobile!  It seems like yesterday I just had her.  When you have your second, they seem to grow so much faster.  I wish at times she would slow down *sigh*. Gabriella loves FOOD!  I can give her anything and she'll eat it.  Makes my job easier!  She is a very healthy baby and sleeps through the night, which is just wonderful for me!  Gabriella is a very curious, adventuress baby!  She likes to explore everything around her and watches her older brother all the time.  She loves laughing with him and sitting next to him while he reads her stories.  She can't wait to grow up and copy everything he does.

Chiquita, The Family Cat/Dog: Chiquita is a mosque toy terrier.  She's always mistaken for a shiatsu because of her over bite but she's not!  Chiquita was the first member of the family before the kids and now is getting used to having not one but two kids torture her.  When we say she's a cat/dog, she it a very quiet, laid back sleepy animal.  She acts like a cat until you show the leash or throw a ball.  She loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed.  Now a days she gets her ears, hair and tail pulled and picked up just to be thrown into a toy wagon on mini stroller to be pushed around.  We do our best to teach the kids to be gentle with her but in my opinion I think its good she gets teased a bit so that she only goes and hides away from the toddler instead of biting him or growling.  We love her dearly!

That about sums up our family.  We love spending time together as a family!  Val and I feel so lucky to have our two little cuties and look forward to having more children in the future. 

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  1. I love your family Amy!! Such a beautiful one :) And I love you! Welcome to the blogging world!